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Homemade Fudge - Six Delicious Flavors

Made in small batches with extra heavy cream and without preservatives or extenders, ours is a smooth and creamy dense fudge. George (the original owner and father of the present owner) knew that rich, smooth fudge could only be made that way, in small, hand whipped batches - painstaking, but worth it.


Hand tinted fruits sculpted from an extremely fine marzipan.

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Real Fruit Jellies

Jellies made from real fruits and real fruit purees in raspberry, lemon, lime, strawberry-rhubarb, apricot, ginger, pomegranate and blueberry.

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A light, sweet, fudge made solely from the whites of fresh eggs and sugar, water and corn syrup and the individual flavoring ingredients.

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Crystallized Ginger

Pure crystallized tender ginger slices.

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